source /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion
source <(kubectl completion bash)


kubectl get deploy kube-dns -n kube-system -o yaml > kube-dns.yaml


kubectl update -f kube-dns.yaml


kubectl edit deployment nginx


kubectl get ds --all-namespaces
kubectl describe daemonset kube-flannel-ds -n kube-system


kubectl create namespace morata-namespace


kubectl delete namespace morata-namespace


kubectl cordon k8s-slave


kubectl uncordon k8s-slave



kubectl run nginx --image=nginx:1.7.9 --replicas=2


kubectl delete deployment nginx


kubectl get deployment

查看nignx deployment的详细信息

kubectl describe deployment nginx


kubectl get pod
kubectl get pod nginx-6f8cf9fbc4-lvsqj -o wide


kubectl describe pod nginx-6f8cf9fbc4-lvsqj


kubectl exec nginx-6f8cf9fbc4-lvsqj ls


kubectl exec nginx-6f8cf9fbc4-lvsqj -it bash


kubectl get rs


kubectl describe rs nginx-6f8cf9fbc4


cat nginx.svc.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: nginx
  app: nginx
 - name: http
  port: 8888
  nodePort: 30001
  targetPort: 80
  run: nginx
type: NodePort
kubectl create -f nginx.svc.yaml
kubectl expose deployment nginx --type=NodePort --name=nginx-test --port=80


kubectl delete -f nginx.svc.yam
kubectl delete svc nginx


kubectl get svc
kubectl describe svc nginx


kubectl get endpoints
NAME         ENDPOINTS                       AGE
kubernetes             10h
nginx,   5m
nginx-test,   50s


kubectl scale deployment nginx --replicas=3

kubectl scale deployment nginx --replicas=2
kubectl get endpoints

kubectl get rs

kubectl get pod


kubectl set image deploy nginx nginx=nginx:1.9.1

kubectl rollout status deployment nginx

kubectl rollout history deployment nginx

kubectl rollout history deployment nginx --revision=2

kubectl get rs
kubectl get svc
kubectl get pod
kubectl get deployment

kubectl describe deployment nginx

kubectl set image deploy nginx nginx=nginx:1.95

kubectl rollout status deployment nginx

Waiting for rollout to finish: 1 old replicas are pending termination...

kubectl rollout undo deployment nginx
kubectl describe deployment nginx




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